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Ysa Peréz is a poster child for the saying, ‘With great risk comes great reward.’ While taking a quarter off from school to intern at Nylon magazine, she began taking photos of friends and musicians, and began to make a name for herself with her personal approach and intimate portraits. She has photographed artists on the cusp of fame, from A$AP Rocky to Andrew Garfield, all on film.


Most Memorable

“They say don’t meet your idols, but I got to shoot Debbie Harry once and it was amazing. She was just so cool and open with me.”



“I would want to have Telekinesis, definitely. I’ve wanted to have that power since I first saw Carrie years ago.”


Comfort Food

“I am obsessed with the ramen and pork buns from Ippudo.”


Favorite Mistake

“I have vivid memories of emulating my sister’s crazy eye shadow, bright blue all over my lids. It was a phase I don’t think I’ll go back to.”


Creative Process

“I like to be one­ on ­one with my subject and have some time to really get to know them, I feel like I get the best portraits when they’re completely comfortable.”




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