x Otis Carey

Otis Carey is what we would call a renaissance man. He is a talented surfer, inspirational artist, adventurer, father, and some-time model. We have been lucky enough to have him collaborate with us twice here at The Walart. We pinned him down for a minute to ask him some silly questions... 

What song best describes your work ethic?
Pure Bathing Culture - Pendulum.

How would you rate your memory?
Out of 10, a 12. Unless I drank more than 8 beers then don't ask me what happened.

What kitchen utensil would you be?
A grater. So don't fuck with me, I'll grate all up n down on yo ass.

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
A hunter for sure.

Sandpaper as toilet paper or Hot sauce as eye drops.
Being a straight male my bum hole is very sensitive so I'd say hot sauce eye drops.

Have permanent clown face or have permanent clown clothes
Oh man clown clothes for sure.

Be Half your height or double your weight
Half my weight any day! I'm not ready for a beer belly just yet.

Go deaf in one ear or only be able to use the internet one hour per week
I'm actually half deaf in my right ear and I watch some pretty stupid things on the internet so I'd go with the internet. I am guessing it wouldn't be much different lol!

Would you rather be a miserable genius or a happy moron
A happy moron any day of the week.

3 wishes and you can’t wish for money.
Pumping surf everyday all day, free burgers 4 LYFE, free beer 4 LYFE. 

Crayola called and they are naming a new colour after you. What colour is it and whats it called?
It's a mix between baby pink and sunflower yellow and the colour is called Wenis.

OMG Wenis, crying with laughter.... 

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