Limited Edition

x Rik Lee - The Baby Doll Wallet

The Walart teamed up with Melbourne based artist/illustrator Rik Lee to produce a limited edition artist collaboration wallet.

Strictly limited to 300 hand signed and numbered pieces, where each wallet comes packaged in a unique gift box, basically making it one of the best christmas presents ever.
The Wallet:
The Artist:
Rik Lee grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He currently lives and draws in Bali, Indonesia. Rik has illustrated for a diverse range of clients, including big international brands, advertising agencies, small independent companies and the kid next-door who wants a new tattoo.

His client list includes, American Express, Virgin Australia, Ray Ban UK, Air New Zealand, Undiz, Stussy, Honour Over Glory, Nylon, Vice and Vibe.
Rik has exhibited his work in Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Besides drawing, Rik spends his time surfing, traveling, riding his bike and walking his dog, Tiaki.

BUY the wallet, or check out more of Rik Lee's work.

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