Karol Lasia x The Walart - The Husk Wallet


27 | Digital Illustrator | Groningen, The Netherlands

TW: So you are a digital illustrator, that must mean you have an amazing desk chair?

K: Not really...

TW: Hmm. The Husk Wallet turned out sick. How did you come up with this design?

K: I'd probably be expected to say it's the end result of a carefully thought-out concept and months of determined planning, but it honestly boils down to a very heavy drug experience recollection in the end.

TW: Well i did expect the real answer to be honest. Can you tell us more about this heavy drugs experience?

K: I don't think there's too much that can be said to convey the feeling, considering the fact that it's something you experience on such a personal level. I believe this goes for any truly life-changing experience, whether it's through drugs or physical trauma or meditation.

If anything let's say it gave me a glimpse into a reality i couldn't even have imagined and this is my very basic attempt at recreating the most infinitesimal fraction of what i saw. 

TW: Sounds familiar. How long did it take to translate that personal visual experience into 'paper' and did it turn out as you had envisioned?

K: About a week or two total; the hard part was figuring out how to translate something so intense and seemingly infinite to the restrictions of a digital canvas. It's still not nearly as powerful and dizzying as I'd like but I think this is as far as I can take it on a screen. 

TW: I can totally imagine that. Are there moments were it frustrated you while creating the artwork? 

K: Of course, as with any creative process.

TW: Well I do hope you enjoyed creating this artwork as much as we enjoyed seeing the end result. Any big projects you're doing at the moment we should keep an eye on?

K: Definitely, i'm afraid i can't disclose any details at the moment but there's some big stuff on the way.

TW: Cool. Thanks

K: ..


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