Angga Pratama | Film Only

We recently sat down with Angga Pratama, a Dutch raised Indonesian, who seems to have a knack for shooting beautiful girls, who almost certainly end up naked before the film's finished...what a job. 
The sit-down lasted around 3 minutes, just enough time for a cigarette and a beer.
This is all we got out of the guy. ""
BAD: So you're a photographer, that means you must have a lot of friends, huh?
AP:  I got heaaaaaaaps of friends. No I don't. You're my only friend. 
BAD: Now you're back here in Bali, is there something you really miss about Holland?
AP: my family, fast Internet and efficiency.   
BAD: Is it easier to get Asian chicks naked in front of the camera? 
AP: Asians seems more shy but they're pretty wild actually. 
BAD: Steps to get them naked please. 
AP: step by step ooh baby. That's a NKOTB lyric. 
BAD: Can we just see the pictures?
AP: boom!

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